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tonight’s basket report

basket of tomatoesI think I ate at lest 8 tomatoes today.  And this is what’s left in the basket.  I am one happy gardener.

white pattypan (scallop) squash

white pattypan (scallop) squash

In other news: an alien flotilla landed on the squash patch.

I used 2 of these flying saucers in a squash casserole for dinner (with onions, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, basil and garlic).  I’ve never cooked with pattypan squash before (I have, however, used it for venturing out into the outer space), and was a little nervous.  But it turned out lovely, with a sweet buttery taste and a wonderful texture. Except that the skin on some of the chunks remained a little tough (that’s right, I didn’t bother peeling it) –  so, I figure I could have cooked it a little longer.

I was very relieved when James pulled out Chez Panisse Vegetables book tonight.  I was beating myself up for forgetting to bring it upstate but, luckily, I’m not the only one concerned about the squash overpopulation. Now I can stop improvising and try a new Alice Waters’ recipe each day.  Maybe even squash blossoms, one of my great culinary fears that finally ought to be confronted???


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  • murzik

    Hey, we just made an Alice Waters peach/blackberry cobbler, turned out lovely. Also, squash flowers – I have always had the fear of them, but this season started buying them and dusting ever so lightly in flour and then frying in vegetable oil till they are light and crisp, drying on some paper towels, voila – very nice appetizers without any hassle. Also, have you ventured into Okra yet? Husband does this wonderful recipe we joking call here “Okra Winfrey” – sauteing onions, tomatoes, okra in some curry sauce – delicious! Was thinking it is one of the ways to use up tomatoes as well. Been doing breakfast eggs with fried onions and tomatoes as well, much like in your previous post, but rather than tomato paste – cooking down fresh tomatoes.

    • (1) Love “Okra Winfrey” — both name and idea — and want more detailed guidance. I actually have 1 okra plant growing but doubt that the little okras on it will have time to ripen in our cooler Berkshires climate.

      (2) Breakfast eggs — agree, fresh tomatoes would be much better! Especially now that we have a bunch!

      (3) Cobbler, yum!

      (4) Squash blossom questions: (a) can do they have to be squash or will pumpkins do also? (b) can you use both female and male flowers? I’m gonna look it up…

      (5) What is your pickled tomatoes method? Also, have you pickled green tomatoes?

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