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Monday digest

Here’s a new format I’d like to try out: a week’s worth of ferally noteworthy finds, forwards, shares, and recommendations, all dumped into one random post.  Let’s see if I can keep up with it…


First of all, I created a Facebook page for this blog!  Please click here to like it!  All the future FG updates will be linked there from now on, instead of my personal FB page. Hooray!


Recipe of the year, so far:  Cara Cara Orange Prosecco Sabayon.  Made it in El Granada with Murzik, having successfully conquered our shared fear of double boilers.  We literally licked everything it touched. Instant enlightenment.  We’re both still raving about it.


The next recipe I haven’t tried yet but would really love to.  Doesn’t it look like an amazing idea for a dinner party?  Momofuku Bo Ssam – “a slow-roasted shoulder of pig, a meal that can be picked apart by a table of friends armed only with chopsticks and lettuce. A tight and salty caramel crust sits on top of the moist, fragrant collapse of meat, and juices run thick to pool beneath it, a kind of syrup, delicious in its intensity. It is pork as pommes soufflé.” I’m adding it to my new recipe wait list section.


More about food — but for a different kind of a party… Quite a racy account of the Love Life of Fruit Flies in the New York Times… Here’s an excerpt:

When life is short, mating must be matched with a meal.

As with most animals, from squirrels to spiders, the males pursue but the females choose, and even the lowly fruit fly can be choosy.

Why the dinner date? Because Live Fast and Die is their mantra, and they need a handy food supply if their large new brood is to survive.

I first noticed a similar meal plan among the annual hordes of Japanese beetles that tat rose leaves into doilies. Gardeners often spy the iridescent scarabs perched atop favorite flowers, dining and mating simultaneously. “I don’t mind if you have sex on the roses,” I tell them peevishly. “Really. Knock yourselves out … I just wish you wouldn’t eat at the same time!” (Read the full article)


Speaking of life-is-short (ergo fly, eat, and spoil yourself), an Abu Dhabi based airline, Etihad Airways, Is Recruiting Chefs To Make On-Board Meals.  How awesome, Abu Dhabi!  First, an NYU campus, then Sex and the City 2 (which, ironically, got only 1 tomato), and now chefs on board who will be personally asking first-class customers about their gastronomic preferences prior to suggesting and preparing an individualized dinner menu.   I briefly considered applying for the job but the problem is that I find having to buckle up each time my stove hits a patch of rough air exceptionally annoying.  It’s really hard to perfectly time a medium-rare Fillet Mignon with my seat belt securely fastened around my lap and hot butter in my face.


Speaking of other ambitious flight designs, I am truly relieved that the failed Russian Fobos-Grunt station fell into the Pacific Ocean and not on some densely populated area (and even more relieved that it didn’t fall on my garden).  I’m still a little bit worried about what happened to the entire load of its highly toxic fuel — enough to take it all the way to Mars, obviously — but the Russians are now saying it is possible that most of the station could have burned as it re-entered the atmosphere.  Not sure if it’s good or bad, but here’s a hilarious Stephen Colbert segment about it:  A Molotov cocktail of doom known as Phobos-Grunt hurtles toward the Earth’s surface, threatening New York, London and Tokyo.


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Grunt in Russian means “ground” or “soil” but I love Stephen Colbert’s linguistic take on it.


Speaking of linguistics, in case you somehow missed this on Facebook: How To Fake French when you don’t know how to speak it.


Possibly, the cutest viral video of all times that does not involve a polar bear cub — again, if you missed it making the rounds in your social networks: Bath Time for Baby Sloths.   Almost dangerously cute — don’t watch and drive!



Speaking of viral animals, the honey badger has published a book: Honey Badger Don’t Care: Randalls Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals. It could have made for a perfect Christmas present had it come out a little earlier…  But I’m sure it’ll do just fine. If, somehow, you have no idea what I’m talking about, this is your link.



And finally, some actually useful information.  I purposely saved it for the end.  Michael sent me this link for a podcast archive of this radio show hosted by Bob Tanem, “America’s Happiest Gardener.”

Much of the stuff on the show has to do with West Coast / California climate plants, but he also talks about general diseases, fertilizers, summer foraging, etc.

I can’t wait to download and listen.  Thanks, Michael!

According to Michael, the show “always recommends alfalfa pellets as a fertilizer. It’s organic. Plus it is slow release. Plus it’s as cheap as dirt.”

Who knew?! Not me.  But now we all do.

I think that’s it for this week… Oy, this exercise turned out to be much more strenuous than I anticipated…

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