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A fortnight ago at Wheatleigh

A rosé is a rosé is a rosé, some might say.  But why then are these two glasses fluorescing so brightly? Because, I think, they feel happy in their natural habitat, at Wheatleigh.

Which serves to prove that simple pleasures in life are best enjoyed in luxury settings.   Two weeks ago, we ventured out to experience Wheatleigh’s new summertime tradition — BBQ Wednesdays — with a fun group of friends and neighbors. 

Not sure about the Berkshires, but this new tradition, a $85 prix-fixe that includes unlimited grilled delights, bottomless wine, gratuities AND taxes, would constitute a pretty sweet deal in my town…

And I will not tell you how many of the glasses above or the plates below belonged to me…

…because I do not wish to be judged.  But I did at some point post this selfie on Facebook, with a caption that said: “Pacing is for pacemakers.”

pacing is for pacemakers

I will tell you, however, that for dessert I only had 1 cookie, 1 brownie and 2 ice cream cones that the hotel’s General Manager Marc is holding.

My favorites were the ice-cream cones, grilled scallops & lamb chops, and the freshly made potato chips. Every one of the wines was excellent and paired just exquisitely with grilled meats and seafood.

Must I say that I tasted and finished everything else too?  I’m afraid Wheatleigh might have taken a loss on my 85 bucks…  Anyway, let me divert attention to the classy part of our team. Here they are, engaged in a lovely conversation with Marc in the lobby…

Here they are savoring a glass of wine by the beautiful pool before dinner…

Here is Josh, conversing with Barbara about something inspired, theater perhaps?


And here is Josh and James, personifying tragedy and comedy, in a 100% unstaged moment.

(That is by far my most favorite photo of the night and I simply had to find a place for it in my narrative.)


I first visited Wheatleigh a few months ago when James and I started scouting the Berkshires for potential wedding venues.  We knew it was one of the most exclusive hotels in the country and did think it might be a little beyond our budget.  But when we came to check it out, it absolutely stunned me.  What about a budget? Oh please, you are ruining my Karen Walker buzz!

Both the building, constructed in 1893 to replicate a 16th century Florentine palazzo, and the surroundings make it one of the most beautiful sites in the Berkshires.

…complete with badminton and criquet (that EB, not surprisingly, knew the rules of!) courts, of course.

Could you envision our rehearsal dinner here?

Hmmmm, I could!!!

My focus, of course was also on the plants. They envelop the palazzo with natural elegance, celebrating the beauty of a midsummer night each in its own way.


scarlet lilies…

succulent succulents…

…and last but not least, the beautifully simple flower arrangements on the tables.

Have I come full circle with my theme of sophisticated simplicity?

The only thing that I could have wished for to complete the night was some summer jazz to dance to.  But then we never would have left.

There are a few additional photos in the gallery below.  I wish we could be there tonight — instead we’re trying to stay chill under the AC in our oven-hot Hell’s Kitchen…





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