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Today's breakfast: French toast with mango and blueberries

I woke up with a strong craving to do something with the baguette that Anna and Nick brought on Thursday night and that has since gone delightfully stale on our kitchen counter. Here’s what ended up happening:

There was also a slightly overripe mango and a pack of blueberries that got a bit of a frostbite sitting on the top shelf of the fridge that need to be used up.  In my mind, mango combines very nicely with blueberries (plus a pinch of cinnamon), blueberries always combine beautifully with milk — and so it all came together.  I could have used some garden rhubarb instead of the mango to rejoice in our favorite bluebarb combo but mango seemed more breakfasty.

I mixed about 1/2 cup (maybe 3/4) milk with 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons sugar, a hefty pinch of cinnamon, a small pinch of sea salt, and a few drops of vanilla extract.  To that mixture I added strips of mango and thoroughly soaked in it 2 pieces of baguette, each sliced in half, for a few minutes.  About a teaspoon of butter went into the frying pan, then the baguette slices plus half of the mixture that they haven’t soaked up.  After a few minutes, I turned the baguettes over, added the rest of the mixture on the sides, reduced the heat and topped the whole thing with blueberries and a small sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon.

Then I covered the pan and cooked it for a few more minutes.  It came out nice. Well, the texture was more of a bread pudding – but even better, am I right?


Now, what did you have for breakfast today?



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