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My play translation debut

A very special day for me – Valeriy Pecheykin’s excellent play “A Little Hero / Crematorium” that I had the honor of translating together with John Turiano premiers at Dixon Place Theater tonight!!!

In my biased opinion, it provides a pretty powerful insight into the psychological reality of living gay in today’s Russia.  Its message is beyond gay or straight – it is about those who desperately cling to love and dignity at a time when Russia’s massive propaganda machine mercilessly injects its citizens’ brains with fear and hatred.

It was written just a few months ago as  “A Little Hero” by a young and talented Russian playwright Valeriy Pecheykin. A New York based Russian artist/director Alexander Kargaltsev has been rehearsing it for 2 months under the title “Crematorium” and has put together a brilliant show.
Here are a few more photos from the dress rehearsal:
Why “A Little Hero” / “Crematorium”? 
The recent rise of homophobia in Russia was sparked by new “anti-gay-propaganda” law, supposedly aimed at protecting the minors against any positive representation of any “non-traditional sexual orientation.” The play’s “hero” is a teenage boy named Vova (or Vovochka — nickname for Vladimir — you can read about traditional Soviet Vovochka jokes here or draw your own associations with the current tsar of Russia) who feels so threatened by homosexuality that he decides to take this law into his own twinky hands…
The alternate title, “Crematorium,” could be seen as a reference to a recent public declaration by a famous Russian comedian (who btw also happens to be a Russian Orthodox priest…) that gays should be burned alive in ovens (no, he was not kidding… here’s more –
If you are coming, see you soon.  If not, the show will be live-streamed on YouTube.  The link will be posted soon on the play’s Facebook page.

About the Author:

Valeriy Pecheykin was born in 1984 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  After majoring in Economics and working as a journalist in Tashkent, he studied creative writing at Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow.  He is the author of the plays My Moscow (2008), Net (2009), Lucifer (2008), Russia, Forward! (2011), A Little Hero (2014) and screenplay co-writer of Pavel Lungins film The Conductor (Russia, 2012).  A collection of his plays was published in Russia under the title Lucifer in 2013. Pecheykin’s play Falcons (2005) received two young playwright awards,Debut and New Drama. He currently works as a writer and dramaturge at Gogol Center in Moscow and is a regular contributor for the leading Russian LGBT magazine KVIR.

His latest play, A Little Hero, was published in Russian in 2014 in Mitin Journal. Its abridged version, Crematorium, was staged at New York’s Shelter Studios and Gene Frankel Theatre, directed by Alexander Kargaltsev, after a workshop at Dixon Place (read more about this production in this Huffington Post article).


2 comments to My play translation debut

  • Rachel

    It’s on now but I can’t get the audio.

    • Thank you for trying to watch, Rachel!!!
      Well, the modern technology just couldn’t handle the tour de force!
      Too bad… It was a fantastic performance! But probably better to wait for the proper video anyway.
      So impressed and proud to have been a part of it.

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